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How Facial Plastic Surgery Transformed My Life

Why I Decided To Have Facial Enhancement Surgery

My Experience Just Before My Facial Contouring Surgery

Why I Chose Dr. Robertson For My Facial Enhancement Surgery

Dr. Robertson - Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Facial Surgery Specialist

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons: Member
  • American Association of Plastic Surgeons: Fellow
  • American College of Surgeons: Fellow
  • AO/ASIF North America: Faculty
  • The American Medical Association: Member
  • American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons: Member
  • John Staige Davis Plastic Surgery Society of Maryland- Member; President (2003)
  • The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery/University of Maryland: Graduate
  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine: Graduate
  • Emory and Henry College: Graduate

Dr. Bradley C. Robertson is a board certified plastic surgeon and renowned for his skill and artistry in Facial Contouring and Multi-Vector Lift Surgery. Read full bio.