Pellet Therapy*

Hormones are chemicals produced by the glands that control how our cells and organs perform. They regulate how our body functions and keep it all running smoothly. However, as we age, our hormones can become imbalanced or deficient.

Hormonal imbalances can create a host of unhealthy and unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep issues
  • Brain fog, memory loss, lack of focus
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Weight gain
  • Migraines and severe headaches
  • Decreased sex drive and performance

Hormone replacement therapy works to stabilize and balance your hormone levels to correct these symptoms, improving your health and quality of life.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy*

At Belcara Health, we offer Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy to combat these age related issues. We recommend Bio-Identical Hormones because they are safe and natural. Derived from natural plant sources, bio-identical hormones are chemically-identical to the hormones your body produces naturally.

Your wellness physician will conduct an extensive, comprehensive diagnostic examination of your health, which will include diagnostic testing and review of your symptoms, medical history, medications and supplements. Using your test results, your physician will create a customized hormone prescription to meet your unique needs.

Pellet Therapy*

Hormones can be administered in a number of ways, including pills, patches, pellets, creams, gels, and injections. We recommend using Pellets to deliver the Bio-Identical hormones into your system. Pellets, about the size of a grain of rice, are injected under the skin on your back flank. The type and quantity of pellets is determined by your specific hormone prescription.

hand holding pellet

We recommend the pellet delivery method because it is:

  • Simple – Unlike pills or patches, there is no opportunity for user error with pellet therapy. After your doctor injects the pellets into your system, you don’t have to think about it again until it’s time for your next treatment.
  • Lasting – A single pellet treatment lasts for months (about 4), compared to the short duration of other delivery methods. With BioTE pellet therapy, natural hormones are present 24 hours a day, providing constant balance and benefits.
  • Consistent – Pellet therapy provides a consistent release of hormone into your system, so your hormone levels remain balanced throughout the day which then raise and lower themselves naturally. These avoid the up and down “roller coaster” effect that other deliver methods can cause.


We recommend BioTE hormone pellets because they have been proven to be safe, reliable and effective.

BioTe pellet BENEFITS:

  • Release hormones at a rate more consistent with your level of physical activity, eventually dissolving completely prior to the next pellet placement.
  • Is compounded in FDA-approved facilities and has been heavily studies and tested.
  • Has a low side-effect profile. (Multiple studies have shown a long term reduction in breast cancer with bio-identical hormone pellet therapy – as opposed to the increase in breast cancer incidence associated with oral, synthetic therapies.
  • Hormones delivered by pellets bypass the liver and do not affect blood clotting factors, eliminating risk for liver damage and blood clots.

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Both men and women can benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy to age gracefully and live a happier, healthier life.

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“I am a busy, working mother, so I thought my sleeplessness, irritability, hot flashes and lack of concentration were due to the normal stresses of my life and aging. However, after finally having found Belcara Health and their experts’ ability to assess lab work, symptoms and sort through all the possible treatments to recommend the best one for me, everything changed. Since having the pellets implanted, I am happy to say that I have not slept better in 20 years, my hot flashes are gone and I feel much more calm and happy. Thanks to this great treatment, I feel normal again.”