If you have health concerns that are affecting your quality of life, we can help. Belcara Health Wellness makes it possible to take more control of your body and live a better. Our Diagnostic Assessment allows you to identify the factors in your body that are causing concerns, or may in the future. This sophisticated look at your health gives you the information you need to:

  • Fix current health problems,
  • Maintain your health
  • Prevent health problems from occurring in the future
  • Live a healthier, happier, longer and more vibrant life.

At Belcara Health Wellness, we offer a comprehensive program to help you transform your body and invigorate your life. If you are among the many people who suffer from ailments related to age, weight, hormone changes, low energy, insomnia, confusion, anxiety and others, we can help. You no longer need to accept these conditions as natural phases of life to be endured.

Our wellness program begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine a baseline of vital information about your overall health and wellness condition. It incorporates an in-depth medical history review, a complete physical exam and a series of tests that examine all your major body processes.

Our diagnostic services are not just for those with concerns about their health. Using our advanced assessment techniques, we are able to identify early indicators for disease and illness. With this information, we are able to make recommendations for wellness treatments and/or lifestyle changes that will prevent future ailments from ever occurring. Preventative medicine is an emerging area and Belcara Health is thrilled to be at the forefront of this promising new industry.

Because the goal of our program is to improve your total body health, as opposed to just masking your symptoms individually, it is important to have a complete picture of your condition. This assessment allows us to gain a deep understanding your current state and the root causes of your concerns. Then we are able to design a treatment plan that works with your specific body chemistry and make significant improves to your overall well-being.

Our diagnostic approach includes the following key components:

  • An assessment to understand your concerns, medical history, lifestyle and wellness goals.
  • A complete physical exam.
  • A thorough blood work exam.
  • A detailed discussion about your lab results. We strongly believe it is vital to the success of your treatment that you make well-informed decisions.
  • A strategic treatment plan review, created collaboratively to select a path towards your wellness goals.

The health screening is a key component in developing your program and it includes assessments in:

  • BMI and how it relates to your health status
  • Body composition including lean body mass, visceral fat and body fat
  • Bone density and if you show early signs of osteoporosis
  • Brain health including recall and reaction speed
  • Lung health and efficiency
  • Heart health including cardiac stress, arterial plaque, endothelia health as an indicator or risk for stroke and heart attack
  • Heavy metal toxicity that shows elevated levels of harmful heavy metals in the tissues
  • Resting metabolic rate so you know how many calories you burn every day without exercising
  • VO2Max shows your target heart rates to ensure you get the most out of your workouts for improved health and well-being
  • Blood panel that includes nearly 30 biomarkers for a comprehensive understanding of your body chemistry
  • Telomer length, a potential markers for longevity

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