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Eyebrows are essential components of your appearance; they frame your eyes and bring balance to your face.  When properly groomed, your eyebrows can enhance all your features. Our Eyebrow Enhancement Specialist can help you enhance the color, shape, tone and texture of your brows to create the balanced and polished appearance you desire.

Good candidates for eyebrow enhancement include people with:

  • Sparse or patchy brow growth
  • Asymmetrical or poorly shaped brows
  • Naturally very light or graying brow hairs
  • A new hair dye color that no longer works with your brow color


At Belcara Health, we offer a specialized Permanent Makeup technique that creates a very natural-looking, long lasting, beautiful result.  This technique requires a deft and delicate touch. Our Permanent Makeup Specialist, Tammy Pierce, has perfected her eyebrow enhancement skills and artistry through extensive training and years of experience and has earned a reputation for creating beautiful, natural-looking results.

Preakness winner CLOUD COMPUTING isn’t the only one who admires this Actual Patient’s gorgeous brows!

Our specialized technique for Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Enhancement provides a superior result because we use:

  • Carefully selected pigments blended to complement and enhance your natural hair
  • Feather-like application to resemble real brow hair growth
  • Safe, FDA approved pigments that are long lasting


Before your procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to eliminate any discomfort.  Tammy will recommend pigment colors that blend naturally with your existing brow hairs and compliment your hair and skin tone.  Using a very tiny needle, Tammy will embed pigment beneath your skin. She will use gentle, feather-like strokes that closely resemble natural hair to create a very natural-looking, fuller, beautiful brow.

Using this specialized technique with permanent makeup, we are able to help patients:

  • Define and improve brow shape
  • Darken or enhance brow color that is too light
  • Conceal graying brow hair
  • Match brow color to hair color
  • Fill in patchy or uneven areas
  • Balance and enhance your overall appearance with beautiful brows

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Tammy exceeded my expectations in every possible way! I have been penciling in my eyebrows for as long as I can remember.  Now I’m able to wake up and go makeup free, and I don’t have to constantly check to make sure they are “still there,”  – this has been absolutely life-changing. And Tammy’s patience and kindness really helped put me at ease. Truly excellent experience and truly excellent results!  Thank you!!

Our practitioners who specialize in Eyebrow Enhancement

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    Tammy Pierce

    Tammy is Licensed Aesthetician and Permanent Makeup Specialist. Read full bio.