Footpad Discomfort*

Footpad pain is very common, but those who suffer from this condition don’t always know how to treat it. Belcara Health offers a variety of treatments to bring comfort to your feet.

Injectable Treatments for Footpad Discomfort*

As we age we tend to lose volume, collagen and elastin beneath the surface of the skin. This condition, known as metatarsalgia, can cause great discomfort for your feet, especially in high heels. Treatment involves the injection of filler, such as Sculptra, into the ball of the foot to act as “internal padding” which reduces pain while walking.

Results will last for approximately 6-12 months. Repetition of the procedure increases collagen with time, providing longer results with subsequent injections. The procedure is performed at our center with use of local anesthetic medication.

Treatment for Footpad Perspiration*

Excessive sweating of the soles of the feet is a condition known as primary focal hyperhidrosis. At Belcara Health, we treat hyperhidrosis with Botox, a safe and highly effective solution for this condition. After the foot is numbed with local anesthetic, Botox is injected into the bottom of the foot. Perspiration and odor will significantly decrease over the next few days and results will last for 4-20 months.