Rosacea is a facial skin condition that is characterized by redness, flushing, rough texture and mild to severe pimples. Rosacea is a chronic condition with no cure, but we can help you minimize your systems and maintain a healthy complexion.

The red color of the face is caused by small blood vessels that have enlarged and become more visible in the skin. Rosacea’s systems are easily confused with traditional acne, allergies and rashes, so many people don’t seek proper treatment. If rosacea is not properly treated, over time it will become worse and can sometimes cause lasting damage to your skin.

Although anyone can develop rosacea, certain people are more prone to the condition. People most at risk for developing rosacea are fair women, between the ages of 30 and 60. It is believed to be a hereditary condition, but can be triggered by lifestyle and the environment factors, including sun exposure, stress and anxiety, exercise, cold and windy weather conditions, and the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. Certain drugs also trigger rosacea, including corticosteroids and drugs that cause the blood vessels to dilate. Rosacea patients are encouraged to avoid the elements that exacerbate their symptoms.

Rosacea treatment plans include:

  • Prescription medications to control the disease
  • Sunblock to protect your skin
  • IPL treatments to reduce redness and improve your skin’s texture.

The medical team at Belcara Health will design a customized treatment program to help you minimize and manage your symptoms.