Body Treatments

Treat yourself to a luxury Body Treatment and allow your skin to radiate with health and vitality.  Using our exclusive BABOR skincare products, body treatments at Belcara Health will restore soft, glowing skin and leave you feeling relaxed and indulged.

Vichy Body Treatment

A hydrotherapy treatment with 7 jets that simultaneously shower your body like a gentle waterfall as you lie down on a cushioned table. The warm water gently massages you while you relax – it feels as if you’re floating on water. The shower is followed by an exfoliation, a relaxing rinse and moisturizing.

Benefits include:

  • Soft & smooth glowing skin
  • Complete body hydration
  • Thorough skin exfoliation
  • Better blood circulation and looser muscles
  • Improved absorption and effectiveness of skincare products
  • Detoxification of toxins and waste
  • Reduced stress and increased relaxation

BABOR body treatments achieve optimal results through the use of custom-tailored skincare products and special advanced treatment techniques. BABOR skincare combines concentrated, natural, high-quality ingredients that protects and treats, leaving you with a beautiful complexion and appearance. You will have a variety of BABOR body treatment products to choose from, including:

  • Relaxing Lavender Mint
  • Balancing Cashmere Wood
  • Energizing Lime Mandarin
  • Shaping for Body

At Belcara Health, we strive to deliver a truly luxurious experience that goes above and beyond expectations.

Woman getting a water massage in a day spa

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