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Feeling beautiful and confident is the primary goal for breast enhancement patients, and no woman expects unsatisfactory results. If you are displeased with the results from a previous breast surgery, or now want a different size than you originally anticipated, we can help. Our surgeons have extensive experience and expertise in breast revision surgery and will help you achieve the look you desire.

Why patients seek Breast Revision:

Different Size or Implant Type

2 common reasons patients seek breast revisions are to change either the size or the style of their breast implants. If you wish your breasts were larger or smaller, or want to swap saline for silicone (or silicone to saline) – we can help you find the breast implants that will meet your goals. Learn more about Breast Implant Options

Capsular Contracture

As your body heals following breast augmentation surgery, a capsule of scar-like tissue will naturally form around the implants. In most cases, this capsule is thin, soft and harmless. In rare cases, the capsule may become thick, hard or shrink, causing discomfort and a distorted appearance.

This condition can become quite painful and be embarrassing for patients who experience it. Why a capsule surrounding a breast implants contracts is still unknown, nor can anyone predict who will develop this problem.

Factors that may increase the chance of capsular contracture:

  • Infections during or after surgery (such as dental work).
  • A rupture of a gel or silicone implant.
  • Placement of breast implant above the muscle.
  • Radiation treatment or exposure (before or after breast augmentation surgery).
  • Bacterial exposure to the implant during or after surgery.
  • Hematoma or seroma.

At Belcara Health, our breast revision specialists treat capsular contractures by removing the implant, excising the capsule and starting over, using the meticulous preventative techniques they’ve honed over decades of experience.


Rippling is when a breast implant develops wrinkles or folds that are visible. This condition happens more with saline implants in women with little tissue to cover the implant. Rippling can be avoided or corrected by choosing an experienced surgeon to recommend the right an implant type and placement for your anatomy.

The quality of your skin that surrounds your breast tissue significantly influences the shape of your breasts. Your skin’s natural elasticity and thickness and your level of body fat will affect the overall appearance of your breasts and must be considered when selecting breast implant type and positioning during surgery.  Rippling may also occur when the original surgeon creates a breast pocket that is too large for the implants, allowing them to shift from their original position.


Normal-looking chests have a natural space in between the breasts, called the medial fold. This space plays an important role in the overall appearance of the chest, giving the breasts them shape, form, and the pretty cleavage most women desire.

Symmastia is a condition that occurs following a breast augmentation when the implants fall to the middle of the chest, creating an unnatural, odd-looking “bread loaf-like” appearance. This can happen when

  • the breast pockets are made too large or too close to the center of the chest,
  • the implants are too wide for the patient’s body frame
  • The implants migrate out of their original position
  • The breast tissue becomes weak or stretched

Our board-certified surgeons have a variety of techniques to repair symmastia, such as using internal sutures and/or specialized mesh materials to reinforce and secure the cleavage area.

Bottoming Out:

Patients with breast implants that have “bottomed out” have nipples that look overly high on the breast or have a breast fold that appears unnaturally low. Bottoming out most often occurs in patients who have very little or naturally thin breast tissue—the implant is able to pull the breast down and cause it to bottom out.

The revision surgery to correct bottoming out of breast implants involves moving the breast fold up higher. This is accomplished by reinforcing the lower portion of the breast pocket with internal sutures and/or specialized mesh materials, lifting the breast implant, reinforcing the proper fold and resulting in a more attractive, natural-looking breast shape.

Ruptured Implants:

Ruptured implants can be detected by a decrease in breast volume, asymmetry, discomfort or swelling.  This can be caused by

  • Under-filling a Saline implant can cause it to fold, which may rub together over time, creating friction that weakens the integrity of the implant.
  • Over-filling the implant may lead to the shell stretching, weakening the implant shell and causing it to rupture.
  • Trauma, brute force, or injury to the chest can occasionally lead to a rupture or slow leak

Please note that saline and gel/silicone implant leakage has NOT been shown to cause any harm to the patient. Extensive studies have found no long-term health hazards caused by breast implant leaks.

Double Bubble:

A double bubble occurs when an implant drops behind the natural fold of the breast and creates an unnatural indentation or line across the bottom of the breast. Fortunately, a double bubble is a relatively rare complication that is easily correctable.

Breasts with double bubble

Double bubbles may occur when:

  • Implants are too heavy for the chest wall
  • Implants are poorly positioned
  • The mammary crease is constricted
  • Scarring is present from previous breast surgeries

The Breast Surgeons at Belcara Health offer a variety of solutions to correct these conditions and provide the natural-looking, beautiful results.


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Why choose Belcara Health?

Breast correction surgery requires extensive training and experience, an artistic eye, the ability to problem-solve and a dedication to keeping informed about new and innovative techniques and technologies – all key attributes of our board-certified surgeons.

Breast Revision Specialist, Dr. Michael Cohen, is one of the most acclaimed Breast Revision surgeons in the country, renowned for providing patients with the outstanding results.  With over 25 years of experience, a keen eye, and exceptional skill, Dr. Cohen can help you achieve the beautiful breasts you desire.

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After my implants severely bottomed out (surgery done by another plastic surgeon), Dr. Cohen fixed the problem and left even less scarring than before. He did a great job! He was very professional and kind. He called me or my husband to check on me and truly cared about how I was doing. If I ever need plastic surgery again, I will go directly to Dr. Cohen!

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