Are you a candidate for Breast Lift surgery?

When you are fully clothed, it is hard to tell if your breasts sag, your nipples point toward your toes, or if you’ve lost the volume you used to enjoy. With the right undergarments, your breasts can look quite normal. But having to wearing armor-like bras and concealing tops all the time can be frustrating. Most women would like the option of wearing halter tops, sundresses, and bikinis. In addition, many women are concerned about how they out of their clothes.

If, when you look in the mirror, you can envision the figure you once had hiding within the figure you now have – it can take a psychological toll on you. It is not the body you’re used to; not the breasts you remember; not the image you want to see reflected back at you.  Sagging breasts are a common concern, and the condition can affect your self-esteem, making you feel less attractive and older than you are.

Women develop sagging breasts for a number of reasons, from pregnancy and breast feeding to aging and weight loss. Stuffing your breasts into an uncomfortable, padded, underwire bra can become tiresome or even painful. Clothes designed to hug a woman’s curves may hang awkwardly on your frame if your breasts sag.

If you’ve read up to this point and thought “that’s me,” then take heart because there’s hope: a Breast Lift. You may be a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure if your weight is stable and within a healthy range for your body type. You are a good candidate for a Breast Lift procedure if:

  • Your nipples and areolas point downward.
  • The skin around your nipples is stretched.
  • Your nipples hang below your breast crease.
  • Your breasts are flat and elongated.
  • You are bothered by your sagging breasts.
  • You have realistic expectations of the outcome.

If you’re serious about getting a breast lift, working with one of Baltimore’s most accomplished surgeons will increase the odds that you will be happy with your results. Dr. Michael Cohen is an internationally recognized Breast Specialist. Dr. Cohen has been named a Top Doc by Baltimore Magazine for both Plastic Surgery and Breast Surgery for many consecutive years. This award reflects not only the quality of care he provides, but also the respect he has earned from his peers.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll discuss your options with you. It’s time to feel good about your body again!


Dr. Cohen and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable.  I was nervous before my appointment and they made sure I was relaxed and made me feel really good about myself.  They were immensely informative and compassionate. Dr. Cohen made me look exactly the way I want to look.  He is such an expert! I would not recommend anyone else!  When you are his patient, you know you are utilizing the absolute best in the plastic surgery field. I would give him a 10/10 or a 5 star rating and I do not usually take the time to rate physicians.

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    Dr. Michael Cohen is an acclaimed board certified plastic surgeon and has earned an international reputation for excellence in breast lift surgery. Read full bio.