Breast Implant Sizing

One of the most frequent questions we hear about breast implants is:

“How do I Choose the Right Size?”

If you’re like the many women who have chosen to have breast augmentation, you may have a certain breast cup size in mind. While this is a great start, there are many factors you need to think about when it comes to picking the best implant for you.

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Your Body

One of the main goals of breast augmentation is to improve your body proportion. This means finding a balance that looks natural with your natural frame. The overall shape of your body and width of both your chest and shoulders should all be considered when thinking about your options. Your breast size should complement your unique body frame and features.

Your Lifestyle

You will also want to consider your level of activity when choosing breast implants. Make sure to talk to your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle, including any athletics you enjoy. If your job is physically demanding or your or you are an ardent runner, choosing implants that are too big can be uncomfortable or even lead to early sagging.

About Your Sizing Options


It’s critical to understand that implant size is only one factor that will contribute to how you will look after your breast augmentation. In addition to size, the shape and profile will all contribute to the final appearance of your breasts. Breast implant size is measured by cubic centimeters (cc’s) of either saline solution or silicone gel that the implant contains, ranging from around 150cc to 775cc. If you would like to correct breast asymmetry with your breast augmentation procedure, your surgeon will likely suggest different-sized implants


Breast implants come in either round or contoured:

  • Round implants generally offer a fuller look in the upper portion of the breast (“upper pole”).
  • Contoured implants provide a more “natural slope” to the upper pole with fullness in the lower portion of the breast.

Either shape option can look very natural; the one that will look best on you will depend on your natural frame, existing breast shape, and your desired outcome. Your plastic surgeon will discuss how each type of implant will impact your new look during your consultation.


The implant profile you pick has a large effect on your final look. Profile impacts the degree of forward projection the breasts will have following your augmentation.

  • high profile implant will give you the most projection, which generally provides a more dramatic contour.
  • moderate profile will provide more subtle enhancement of your curves.

The profile that will work best for you will depend both on your existing frame and also the look you want, so it’s important to keep your plastic surgeon’s recommendations in mind. You can also play around with different profile styles when you try on implants during your free consultation.

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