Breast Augmentation Surgery and Recovery

Your Consultation

At Belcara Health, we believe that education and communication are critical for a successful surgical outcome. During your complimentary consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss your concerns and goals and assess your medical history and anatomy, including current breast size and shape, skin condition and chest wall width. Based on this information, your surgeon will recommend a treatment plan and have you try on implants, so you can visualize how you may look after your procedure. 

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Your Pre-Op Visit

When you schedule your breast augmentation procedure, you will also plan a pre-op visit that typically lasts around 90 minutes. This appointment will allow you to ask any remaining questions and prepare for your procedure.  During this appointment, we’ll also verify your implant choice and provide you with post-operative prescriptions to fill.

What is the Surgery Like?

Your surgeon will begin by making an inconspicuous incision, typically located under your lower breast in the infra-mammary fold, near your chest wall. Our surgeons prefer this “infra-mammary incision” technique because it is less invasive than other methods and allows precise placement of the breast implant.

Through this incision, your surgeon will create a “pocket” for the implant to sit. He will then precisely place your implants in a central position beneath the nipple for a natural, youthful appearance. Once the desired results are achieved, your incisions will be closed with dis-solvable sutures and dressed.

Your surgery will take around 1 hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Safety is our first priority, so we always work with board-certified anesthesiologists at our fully accredited private surgery center. You will be able to return home the same day of your procedure.

You will likely feel a bit groggy for the first couple days as the effects of anesthesia wear of. We recommended staying down the day of your surgery. For the first day, you will need to enlist the help of a friend or loved one as you take it easy and begin healing. We will prescribe oral pain medication to help you manage any discomfort for the first few days, though many of our patients report switching over to approved over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol.

What Should I Expect with Recovery?

Most patients return to work within the first week, though your incisions will still be healing at this time, and your breast implants will take a few months to fully settle into a more natural position. We will provide aftercare instructions in your patient packet and it’s imperative that you follow the provided instructions.

Generally, you can expect to resume normal activity following the timeline below:

  • 4-7 days: Most patients can drive, go back to work a desk job, and slowly resume daily activities
  • About 2 weeks: You should now being feeling more like yourself as you resume your normal routine with a good level of energy.
  • 3 to 4 weeks: At this point, your surgeon will likely give you approval to resume aerobic exercise as long as you aren’t working your chest.
  • 4 to 6 weeks: Chest and upper body exercises can now be gradually resumed.
  • 3 to 6 months: By now, your final results should be taking shape as your implants finally settle into their natural position. Now it’s time to go shopping for new bras!

Before beginning any activity, it is crucial to get the go-ahead from your plastic surgeon. Our doctors and patient coordinators will happily answer any questions you have about your healing and recovery.

Tips on When to Schedule Your Surgery

It takes three to six months for your implants to relax into position and provide a natural appearance. Patience with this process is key, and it’s something you should consider before pursuing breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this with you during your consultation. If you have a specific time-frame in mind, such as an upcoming event or vacation, make sure you leave a period of at least six to twelve weeks for your recovery.

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After breastfeeding three children, my chest seemed to be a lost cause. After months of research, I decided to go to Dr. Cohen to have a breast augmentation. My consultations and surgery were so perfect. Dr. Cohen and his staff made me feel so comfortable with every aspect of the procedure. I have never been happier. It is amazing how I have changed inside and out. When I look in the mirror, I am content with my appearance for the first time in a long time. The surgery changed everything in my life from my self-confidence to my marriage, from the way I approach every-day situations to the way I carry myself. A simple Thank You could never be enough!

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