Breast Augmentation

in Baltimore Maryland

While the majority of our breast augmentation patients are from the Baltimore Maryland area, we see patients from all across the country.

Our patients have a variety of reasons for pursuing breast augmentation. Many women simply wish to feel more confident and look great in their clothes. Whether you’ve always wanted larger breasts, or you’d like to get your pre-pregnancy body back, the Breast Specialists at Belcara Health are here to help.

The plastic surgeons of Belcara Health are renowned for creating natural-looking, proportionate, beautiful breasts. Dr. Michael Cohen and Dr. Gary Vela have performed more cosmetic breast augmentations than other plastic surgery center in Baltimore.

We believe in educating our patients about their treatment options. Your surgeon will listen carefully to your goals, answer all your questions and help you make informed choices about breast implant size, type, and shape. Our surgeons and staff guide you every step of the way and remain in close contact throughout your entire experience. Our goal is for you to feel as if you just received the best care possible and absolutely love your results.

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Breast Implant Options

You now have more choices than in picking out a safe, natural-looking, and long-lasting implant for your new look. Patients can choose between saline, silicone gel, or highly cohesive “gummy bear” silicone implants, as well as options regarding size, shape and texture. Click here to learn more about your breast implant options.

Vectra 3D Imaging

Belcara Health is one of just a few offices to offer Vectra 3D Imaging to help you choose your breast implant options.  This advanced photo imaging technology allows you to visualize how beautiful your surgical results will look – before you have surgery! Read more here.

Trying On Breast Implants

Our patients say that “trying on” implants is the best part of the consultation! You’ll get to stand in front of a mirror trying on various sized implants to see how each one looks on your body. You’ll have the chance to “preview” your new appearance!

Breast Augmentation + Lift

If your breasts are drooping or look “deflated” after having a baby or losing weight, a breast augmentation with lift will improve the fullness, shape, and position of your breasts in one procedure, restoring your body to its pre-baby shape so you can rock your bikini with confidence.

Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement

Fat transfer for Breast Enhancement is a great solution for women who want to enhance the shape or size of their breasts without the use of implants. With this procedure, fat is removed from one part of the body and carefully placed into the breasts to create the desired appearance. The fat is obtained by traditional liposuction, usually from the abdomen, thighs, flanks or back. After the fat is purified, it is injected into the breasts to create a beautifully enhanced look. Fat transfer is also effective for reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy or lumpectomy and correcting genetic conditions such as tuberous (underdeveloped) or asymmetrical breasts.

Correcting Asymmetry

While many women have some size differences between the left and right breasts (the left breast is typically a little bigger), significant asymmetry can make it difficult to find bras & clothing that fit. Our surgeons correct breast asymmetry with customized breast implants or with a fat transfer procedure. By placing a larger implant or additional fat tissue on one side, your breasts will look naturally symmetrical, clothes will fit well and you will feel more comfortable with your body.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Everyone’s goals with cosmetic surgery are a bit different. The price of breast augmentation in Baltimore is dependent upon on your chosen implant options and whether or not you have multiple procedures performed at the same time. During your consultation, we’ll provide a detailed price quote and review your payment options.

Our Financing Specialists are experts in helping you secure financing for your cosmetic procedure and are available to help making budgeting and paying for your breast augmentation simple and stress-free. We’re happy to help you make plans for affordable monthly payments, so your new look will be a reality!

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**NOTES: The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for any given individual can only be determined through a consultation with our surgeons. Breast enhancement is usually cosmetic in nature and is therefore not covered by insurance, unless the indication for surgery was due to breast reconstruction.

After breastfeeding three children, my chest seemed to be a lost cause. After months of research, I decided to go to Dr. Cohen to have a breast augmentation. My consultations and surgery were so perfect. Dr. Cohen and his staff made me feel so comfortable with every aspect of the procedure. I have never been happier. It is amazing how I have changed inside and out. When I look in the mirror, I am content with my appearance for the first time in a long time. The surgery changed everything in my life from my self-confidence to my marriage, from the way I approach every-day situations to the way I carry myself. A simple Thank You could never be enough!

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