Breast Surgery

in Baltimore Maryland

Breast enhancement surgery helps many women feel more comfortable, feminine and confident. At Belcara Health, we believe in creating natural-looking results that make a positive difference in the lives of our patients. We are proud of our reputation for excellence in breast surgery, earned through extensive experience, technical and artistic expertise, and outstanding patient care.

Dr. Michael Cohen, our Medical Director and Breast Specialist, is internationally renowned for creating natural-looking, proportionate, beautiful results for his patients. His impressive credentials are deep and his experience is vast – with over 25 years of giving patients the breasts of their dreams, Dr. Cohen is recognized as one of the leading breast surgeons in the country. Educated in top-tier institutions, including Tulane University and Stanford University Medical Center, Dr. Cohen has been consistently named a Top Doc by numerous national and local organizations, including Mentor’s program for Leadership, Experience, and Development in Breast Augmentation and Baltimore Magazine Top Doctor for breast enhancement surgery.

You may feel your breasts are too small, too large, asymmetrical or misshaped. Whatever your concern, Dr. Cohen has the skill, artistry, experience and advanced technology to help you achieve the look you want. Because it is important that you make informed decisions, Dr. Cohen will review all your treatment options with your thoroughly and answer all your questions. Then he will work closely with you to customize a surgical plan that will create an ideal shape to match your body and desired look. Looking great, feeling fantastic and exuding confidence – that is our goal for all our breast surgery patients.

For your privacy, convenience, and comfort, Belcara Health has an onsite surgical facility. It meets the most rigorous safety standards, is certified by Medicare and the State of Maryland, and is one of the few outpatient surgical facilities to earn AAAHC accreditation. In addition, all procedures are performed with board-certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses. Breast surgery is almost always performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you will go home that day. Recovery is usually short; most patients are back to work within a few days.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the US. During this procedure, your surgeon will use a carefully selected breast implant to create the look you want. The technology for breast implants today is sophisticated and varied; you and your surgeon will review all the many options available, including size, style, material, shape, texture, and form. Your surgeon will also make recommendations about implant placement and incision site, based on your anatomy and your desired results.


Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement

Fat transfer breast enhancement is a viable alternative for women who desire to enhance the shape or size of their breasts without the use of implants. The procedure uses liposuction take fat from a part of the body and injects it into the breasts to improve their appearance. Fat transfer is also effective for reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy or lumpectomy and correcting genetic conditions such as tuberous (underdeveloped) or asymmetrical breasts.


Breast Lift

Breast Lift procedures sculpt your natural breast tissue into a firmer, rounded and more youthful appearance. Breasts rarely stay shapely as the years go by; many women watch in dismay for years as their breasts lose their volume and sag. Breasts deflate and descend due to a loss of breast tissue and skin elasticity, usually caused by gravity, pregnancy, nursing, and fluctuations in weight. If you are unhappy with the shape and position of your breasts, we can help you restore a more youthful and attractive contour.


Breast Augmentation with Lift

A Breast Lift corrects sagging and breast position, but it does not add volume. If you want to restore volume in your breasts, as well as correct sagging and the position of your breasts, implants must be added to you. For this reason, many women opt for implants with their surgery. A Breast Lift with Augmentation combines both procedures to help you achieve increased volume, enhanced contour, and a more youthful shape. During your consultation, your surgeon will advise you on whether a breast augmentation/lift is right for you.


Breast Reduction

Excessively large breasts can be a physical and emotional burden. Women with this condition suffer from shoulder, neck and back pain, bra strap indentations, rashes, difficulty exercising, poor posture, as well as unwelcome stares. A Breast Reduction procedure will remove excess breast tissue and skin and bring your breasts into proper proportion with the rest of your body, resulting in lighter, shapelier breasts and a huge improvement in general comfort and quality of life.


Breast Revision

Whether you’re unsatisfied with the results from a previous breast surgery, or you’re ready for a new look or size, breast revision can help. Our surgeons are expert at fixing the conditions that cause your concerns, including capsular contraction, symmastia, bottoming out, ruptured implants, double bubble and the poor decisions made by other surgeons. Our goal is to create a youthful, beautiful breast contour you desire and restore your comfort and confidence.


Breast Reconstruction

Following a mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction surgery rebuilds the breast or breasts to their previous shape and size. Advancements in the surgical technology and technique have made patients results better than ever. Many women who have suffered the loss of their breast or breasts find reconstruction surgery to aid their overall recovery and improve their self-confidence so they can begin to look and feel like themselves again.