Plastic Surgery

Baltimore's Top Plastic Surgeons

At Belcara Health, we help patients feel more confident with natural-looking, youthful enhancements. Whether you want to smooth facial lines, contour your body or reshape your breasts, our top-tier board certified plastic surgeons will help you to help you look and feel your best. Read about all of our plastic surgery procedures.

Our board certified plastic surgeons are top-notch and true leaders in their specialties. Our team is led by Dr. Michael Cohen, Founder and Medical Director at Belcara Health. Dr. Cohen is recognized world-wide for his exemplary work in cosmetic surgery. A graduate of the prestigious medical institutions and consistently designated Top Doc by local and national organizations, Dr. Cohen has decades of experience in creating outstanding results for very happy patients.

Dr. Cohen has established a very high standard for patient care and service at Belcara Health. Our goal is that, every time you visit, you feel as if you had just received the best care and service you had ever experienced. We created a welcoming, sophisticated and beautiful environment that we hope our patients miss when they leave – and look forward to enjoying again in the future.

We believe in educating our patients about their treatment options. Your surgeon will listen carefully to your goals, answer all your questions and provide detailed information about your personal treatment plan. You will receive a personalized booklet with information on how to prepare for and recovering from your selected procedures. Our surgeons and staff guide you every step of the way and remain in close contact throughout your entire experience.

For your privacy, convenience and comfort, we have surgical facility onsite that is state-of-the-art and meets the most rigorous safety standards. We are proud to one of the few outpatient surgical facilities to earn AAAHC accreditation, as well as certifications from Medicare and the State of Maryland. For your safety, we perform all surgical procedures with board certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Whether you look older than you feel or wish to address a lifelong concern, there’s no reason to be unhappy about your appearance any longer. We offer an extensive array of facial surgeries designed to help you gain the natural-looking, refreshed, youthful appearance you desire. Using their artistic skill, advanced technology and decades of surgical experience, our board certified plastic surgeons provide patients with outstanding, natural-looking results – so patients look like themselves, only better.

Breast Surgery

Creating beautiful breasts is about proportion, symmetry and understanding the unique needs and desires of each patient. With over 25 years of experience creating beautiful, natural-looking breasts for thousands of happy patients, Dr. Michael Cohen is a master of breast enhancement. He is internationally renowned as a leader in breast surgery and consistently recognized as a Top Doctor by numerous organizations. Whether you’ve always wanted prettier, shapelier breasts or wish to restore your pre-pregnancy curves, Dr. Cohen has the experience, technical skill and artistic eye to help you achieve the look you want.

Body Shaping & Contouring

Natural changes over time or fluctuations in weight may leave you unhappy with your body. Sagging skin, stubborn bumps and bulges that don’t respond to diet and exercise can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Today, there are more treatment options than ever before to help you reshape your body. At Belcara Health, we use the latest technical innovations to give you the slimmer, smoother, tighter and trimmer look you desire. From non-invasive treatments such as CoolSculpting, to surgical solutions including liposuction, tummy tucks and body lifts – our board certified plastic surgeons have expertise in every advanced, proven enhancement method and will guide you on which procedures would be most effective for you.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Life is competitive and your image is an increasingly important part of maintaining an edge. More than ever, men are choosing to improve their appearance with cosmetic procedures. At Belcara Health, we help men take control of their appearance in a way that looks natural. We offer a vast array of procedures and treatments to fit your lifestyle and help you look younger, trimmer, refreshed and ready for anything.

Hair Restoration

Belcara Health is proud to offer NeoGraft, a breakthrough solution for men and women suffering from hair loss. This innovative technology is designed to replace lost hair, refine the thinning hairline and provide a healthy and natural appearance. Neograft uses special technology that allows for the precise, artistic placement of hair follicles to recreate a full and natural-looking hairline. It is minimally invasive, creates no scars, has a much shorter and more comfortable recovery, and provides a much more effective and natural-looking result than traditional hair restoration solutions.