A Natural Remedy for Dry Skin on the Feet

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“As a podiatrist, I frequently treat this issue. First of all, I recommend my patients get a pumice stone to keep in the shower. After being in the shower for a couple minutes, I recommend pumicing the feet. After the shower, apply a moisturizing agent that has urea, such as Lubriderm. I recommend patients stay away from moisturizers with alcohol, since it is a drying agent. I then recommend they apply saran wrap and socks to allow the moisture to be absorbed. Once or twice a week use an exfoliating agent on the feet to slough the dead tissue. For more extensive cases of dry skin patients may need to be evaluated for other dermatologic conditions or for prescription moisturizing agents. Staying hydrated and diets high in good fats are also helpful.”

Dr. Kelly Geoghan, DPM
Baltimore, Maryland