Claire-Marie Free Screening Day!

Claire Marie Foundation Free Screening Day #2 from Claire Marie Foundation on Vimeo.

Belcara Health Supports the Claire-Marie Foundation

On Saturday, August 27, Belcara Health hosted the second Claire Marie Free Screening Day.  And, once again, a number of atypical moles were found yesterday on children and adolescents. Don’t ever let anyone tell you kids don’t get melanoma!

Our own Dr. Ciro Martins and Caroline Harvey were joined by Dr. Diane Orlinsky and CMF Advisory Dermatologist Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien. The one-day screening was designed to accommodate the families on our wait-list from last April. A reminder that an atypical mole only indicates a closer evaluation and possible biopsy is needed – but acting early can make all the difference.

The Foundation is led by Marianne Banister and her husband Rocky Wagonhurst, Claire’s parents. Claire, a senior at Notre Dame Preparatory, fell to adolescent melanoma at the age of 17 just two days after learning she had been accepted to college. Click here to learn more about the Claire Marie Foundation and the important work they do to raise awareness about adolescent melanoma. 

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