BioCorneum+: Our Post-Op Secret Weapon

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LEAD councilWe have a secret weapon we use in our practice to help reduce post-surgical scarring—BioCorneum+ silicone scar treatment. Following her dramatic prophylactic mastectomy in May 2013, Angelina Jolie relied on the same post-operative treatment to treat the scars from her surgery.

While scarring results from any operation, our team of surgeons makes every effort to reduce its appearance, first with skillful surgical techniques and then by devising effective post-operative healing protocols. BioCorneum+ is part of the recovery process. The primary ingredient in BioCorneum+ is silicone, which not only softens and flattens scar tissue, but also reduces redness and discoloration.

Within minutes of application, BioCorneum+ creates a protective barrier over the scar that’s completely waterproof and flexible. The gel binds with the outer layer of dead skin cells over the scar to protect the underlying tissue against chemicals, germs, and physical harm. Importantly, it also has SPF 30 sun protection so harmful ultraviolet rays can’t affect the scar; a maturing scar can be damaged by sun exposure.

BioCorneum+ also hydrates the skin, so the body’s natural collagen can then work its healing magic; the result is more aesthetically pleasing scars. Another benefit of this scar treatment is that it reduces the itching usually felt during the healing process.

BioCorneum+ is rubbed into the skin twice a day for 60 to 90 days after surgery; patients who treat scars after surgery see great results! BioCorneum+ can be used as soon as the sutures are removed.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our patients’ results better, and we think BioCorneum+ is an essential ingredient for post-operative care. Please ask us about it during your consultation.

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