The Benefits of Vichy Body Treatments

Go ahead and relax with the ultimate spa treatment. Belcara Health’s Vichy shower is a hydrotherapy (water therapy) treatment that gives your body valuable time to return to balance, improving your overall health and well-being.

Our Vichy shower has 7 jets simultaneously showering over your body like a gentle waterfall as you lie down on a cushioned table. The warm water gently massages you while you relax – it feels as if you’re floating on water. The result of the water movement and pressure increases blood circulation, hydrates the skin and muscles, and stimulates circulation throughout your entire body – helping your body’s immune system to strengthen and re-energize.

The Vichy shower at Belcara Health offers these benefits:

  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Detoxifies your body from toxins and waste
  • Hydrates your body thereby improving your skin and muscle tone
  • Reduces stress and encourages relaxation by loosening tense, tight muscles
  • Nourishes the cells by hydrating them and carrying waste products away from cells in your body
  • Renews the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy glow

Belcara Health’s Vichy Body treatment includes our customized Vichy shower, followed by a body exfoliation, then a relaxing shower and wrapping-up with a moisturized body treatment. A regular treatment program can be created with our licensed aesthetician to ensure optimal results.

Feel baby smooth with Vichy! For more information, please call us at 410.296.0414

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