My name is Brad Robertson. I’m a plastic surgeon here at Belcara Health. My focus is that of facial rejuvenation using various surgical techniques such as facelift, eyelid procedures, and laser resurfacing to enhance the skin. My technique in facial enhancement or facial rejuvenation is to take a look at what’s happened with facial aging and look at the way in which that face has changed over time and try to counteract that. My approach is trying to redirect all of the different elements of the face in multiple layers and multiple directions simultaneously. And I call this approach a multi vectored approach.

Here, as you see here you want to redefine that more youthful appearing cheek as you see here. And then, redefine the corner of the mouth and bring that up slightly, eliminate the incipient or the early development of the marionette line. And give the more youthful contour to the jaw line, eliminate the jowling that you see here, and have a more nice flow to that. And eliminate the bow string in the neck.

You know, this rejuvenation is not to make them look like they’re 20 years younger or that they, you know, those things are unrealistic. And if you try to accomplish that, they’re not gonna look natural. I want a natural appearing, energized, bright, engaging type individual. My technique is very quick, it’s very predictable. The average time for this type of facelift takes me roughly two and a half to two hours and 45 minutes. In contrast to a lot of other facelift procedures that might even be as much as double that. The discomfort for these procedures is quite minimal. Most men and women take minimal pain medicine. Oftentimes it’s just extra strength Tylenol.

I like seeing patients feel good about themselves. And I like people to look natural and I like people to feel outwardly like they feel inwardly. And I think the techniques that I use and that we use here at Belcara Health give them just that.