Man: Your look, your smile, your confidence, your secret? The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland. Dr. Michael Cohen is a national leader in breast surgery.

Dr. Cohen: Breast augmentation happens to be one of the most popular procedures that we do here in our practice.

Christina: After I had my daughter, I had absolutely no volume in my breasts.

Dr. Cohen: Patients come in because they’d like to see their bodies in a little bit better proportion. They may be a little bit wider in the hips and a little bit smaller in the upper body, and they’d like to see those areas more proportionate.

Christina: According to his reputation and the quality of work that I had personally seen, I knew that he was the surgeon for me.

Dr. Cohen: Doing it in our accredited surgery center with board certified anesthesiologist brings a level of safety a lot of other practices cannot offer.

Christina: I just feel like a woman again and I have Dr. Cohen and his staff to thank for that.

Man: The Cosmetic Center Surgery of Maryland, creating beautiful results. Visit us online or call to schedule your consultation.