My name is Jessica Hudgens, patient of Dr. Cohen. I decided to have breast augmentation, I just felt like a tomboy. I’ve always been small, made bathing suit shopping hard, clothes shopping hard, so it was just something I did for myself to make myself feel better. I’m very confident now when I go to the beach or out on a night on the town, so it’s just something that has been really great for me.

My experience at Belcara Health and with Dr. Cohen was amazing. Our nurses take fantastic care of you, the anesthesiologists take great care of you, and you can’t leave out Dr. Cohen who has an amazing eye for this type of surgery. He is certainly an expert in his field. He absolutely gave me what I was looking for, natural but voluptuous at the same time, and I love the way I look. Breast augmentation has changed my life, it makes me feel so much more confident when shopping, going to the beach. You just feel so much more like a woman and less like a tomboy. I’m extremely happy with my results, I would do it again in a minute.