Rhinoplasty in Baltimore, Maryland

It’s interesting how a well-proportioned, symmetrical nose often goes unnoticed. Instead, what we see is an attractive face with features in aesthetically pleasing harmony with one another.

For some of us, however, the nose just seems “out of place,” too large or too small for the face. For others, a past injury or birth defect has left the nose crooked or asymmetrical, perhaps even causing breathing difficulties. A strong bump or prominent nostrils can also detract from facial harmony.

If you are unhappy with your nose, a rhinoplasty procedure tailored to your unique goals may provide a solution to achieve a beautiful nose that complements your natural characteristics.

Rhinoplasty is Personalized to Your Specific Needs

Rhinoplasty can address a myriad of cosmetic and functional issues. At your consultation, our rhinoplasty specialist will listen closely to your concerns and explain your options to achieve your goals.

Reduce the size for more balanced facial features

If your nose seems too large for your face, rhinoplasty can remove excess cartilage and sculpt the nose to achieve a size and shape that is in harmony with your features. A wide nose bridge can also be narrowed to achieve a more flattering contour.

Straighten a prominent “bump” in the nose bridge

A common reasons patients have rhinoplasty surgery is to eliminate a bump for a straighter nose. By removing excess cartilage and reshaping the tip, your surgeon can achieve a straighter, more naturally refined shape.

In addition to these improvements, rhinoplasty can also help lengthen the tip of a small nose, derotate an  upturned nose to reduce the visibility of prominent nostrils, or adjust the septum for improved breathing.

Combining Procedures for Balance and Refinement

At Belcara Health, our goal is to help you achieve a natural balance in your facial features. Many patients benefit from combining rhinoplasty with another procedure for optimal results.

  • Chin augmentation can help add structure to a weak or receding chin, achieving a beautiful balance.
  • Neck liposuction can add definition to the chin and jawline for an overall more refined aesthetic.
  • A follow-up treatment with chemical peel or laser resurfacing can give your skin a healthy glow, enhancing your newly refined nose.

Rhinoplasty at Belcara Health

What is Involved in Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nasal surgery is tailored to a patient’s individual goals and anatomy. Typically, surgery takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Rhinoplasty is done on an outpatient basis, usually with general anesthesia, provided by a board-certified MD anesthesiologist to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible.

Through an incision, usually placed within the nostril to the framework of the nose, cartilage is sculpted to achieve the desired size and shape. The septum may be trimmed to correct droopiness or realigned to correct breathing problems.

A splint will be placed on the outside of the nose and possibly on the inside as well, to protect the temporarily delicate, nasal structures.

What is Recovery Like After Rhinoplasty?

Every patient heals at a slightly different rate and recovery is an individual process. You will see a noticeable improvement in the shape and size of your nose after the initial swelling and bruising subsides, usually about 2-3 weeks after surgery. However, improvements to  your new nose shape will continue for up to a year, until the cartilage is fully healed.

While you should always follow your surgeon’s instructions, in general you can expect the following activity limitations after rhinoplasty:

  • Bed rest the day of surgery is recommended.
  • Limit activity for the next 2 days following surgery.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for about 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Return to work in about 1 to 2 weeks.

Will Insurance Cover Nasal Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is usually deemed cosmetic in nature unless the indication for surgery was for reconstructive purposes or to correct breathing problems. Our office will work with your insurance company to determine the scope of your benefits.

Meet Dr. Patrick Byrne, Internationally Renowned Rhinoplasty Specialist

Excellent results with cosmetic surgery require a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, and this is especially true with rhinoplasty, a demanding procedure best left to a specialist.

Board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Byrne is highly sought after worldwide for his immense knowledge, talent, and experience in nasal surgery. He focuses on communicating openly with patients to achieve their desired changes with beautiful, natural results.

“I conducted my own research on rhinoplasty experts in Maryland prior to seeking out Dr. Byrne for a consultation. He is the best, bar none. I wanted the best; I firmly believe I got the results I paid for.”– Rhinoplasty patient

Board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Byrne also serves at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. He has also been consistently named one of Baltimore’s Top Doctors for Plastic Surgery for the Face.

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

The best way to learn how rhinoplasty can help you improve the shape of your nose is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon at a consultation. At your appointment, we will listen carefully to your concerns and offer caring guidance to help you make the best decision for yourself.

**NOTE: The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for any given individual can only be determined through a consultation with the plastic surgeon.

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