Welcome to Belcara Health Cosmetic Podiatry in Baltimore, MD!

Dedicated to restoring the appearance, comfort and function of the foot for our patients, we provide comprehensive care for podiatric conditions in Baltimore, MD.  Belcara Health Podiatry is led by Dr. Kelly Geoghan, a board certified podiatrist with over 20 years of training and experience.  One of the few podiatrists in the nation who has received advanced training in aesthetic podiatry, Dr. Geoghan is certified by the International Aesthetic Foot Society and a member of many prestigious medical organizations. 

Dr. Geoghan and her team at Belcara Health perform the following procedures for the foot: laser treatments for fungal toenails, injectable treatments for footpad discomfort and foot perspiration, foot rejuvenation treatments, dermatologic treatments for warts, lesions, varicosities, infections, dermatitis, and surgery for hammertoes, elongated toes, bunions and neuromas.  They use innovative technology and the latest techniques to provide patients with outstanding results. 

At Belcara Health, we believe that maintaining an active lifestyle is vital to one’s health and overall well-being. Regardless of one’s goals – be it athletic competition or a leisurely walks – foot and ankle maladies can have a serious negative impact on one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. And, for many patients, the appearance of their feet matter just as much as the condition.  With our podiatry services, we aim to treat the whole patient to both look and feel their best.

Excellent patient care is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Belcara Health.  We have created a relaxing, inviting environment, in which we welcome our patients with compassionate care and exceptional service. Our goal is for every patient to leave our practice feeling well cared for and appreciated. 

To learn more and to schedule an appointment in our Baltimore, MD center with Dr. Geoghan, please call 410.296.0414.

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